REALIDEA Consultants provides consultancy to public and private sector companies in Electricity Sector

About Us

REALIDEA Consultants is a startup located in Delhi.

It provides consultancy services to various Public Sector as well as Private Sector Companies in Electricity Sector.

It has a panel of multi disciplinary experienced professionals.

Our core values are: Transparency, Commitment and Trust.

Our Capability

  • Appraisal of Investment Opportunities in Electricity Sector; 
  • Advise on Regulatory Framework in Electricity Sector; 
  • To Act as Lenders’ Engineer/ Utility Engineer/ Independent Engineer 
  • Consultancy for Preparation of Feasibility Report/ Detailed Project Report; 
  • To Take up Matters with the Electricity Regulators and other Forums;

Our Achievements

We have rendered Regulatory Support to different clients for:

  • Analyzing Tariff Petition of 4 x 250 MW Thermal Station; 
  • Filing tariff petition for 1200 MW Hydro station;
  • Filing tariff petition for 400 kV Transmission Line;
  • Analyzing the situation where the client was being billed transmission charges for four units when only one unit of generating station was commissioned; 
  • For Construction of 400 kV Transmission System;
  • Witnessing the trial run of 660 MW Thermal Unit; 
  • Conducting training programmes on Regulatory aspects.
  • Analysing Power Purchase Agreement between Solar Generator and an Industry; 
  • Analysing Power Purchase Agreement between State and Small Hydro Station; 
  • Drafting Electricity (Amendment) Act 2018 – Analysed for Distribution Company;

Contact Us

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Office Address: REALIDEA Consultants, F-26/114 Sector-7, Rohini, Delhi-110085