Our Team

NameAge QualificationExperience
1Sh. A.K. Rampal65Bachelor in Engg.Regulatory – 4 Years; ·
Member Secretary (ERPC)– 2 Yrs;
Chief Engineer (PSPM) – 1 Year;
2Sh. M. K. Garg70LLB
Bachelor in Engg.
Chairman, CGRF, BRPL – 4 yrs;
CEA – 33 Years;
Consultant, REALIDEA – 1.5 yrs;
3Sh. M. L. Sharma72MBA Finance
Bachelor in Engg.
Regulatory –Director Tariff – 2 yrs;
CEA – 40 Years;
Consultant, REALIDEA – 1.5 yrs;
4Sh. S. S. Walia70Master in Tech.Regulatory – Cons. Tariff–6 yrs;
Erstwhile Punjab SEB – 33 Years;
OSD to Chairman, PSEB – 1 Year;
5Sh D. K. SaxenaBachelor in Engg.Monitoring of Const. of Thermal
Station/ Transmission Systems
Supervision of Erection of TPPs
Grid Management
6Sh. H. R. Satija67Master in Engg.
Bachelor in Engg.
Erstwhile HSEB/ HVPN– 33 Years;
Director Tariff, DERC – 2 Years;
Consultant, PSERC – 1 year;
Consultant, other – 3 years;
7Sh. R. K. AroraMaster in Engg.Chairman, CGRF, Cdg. (UT)– 3 yrs;
Erstwhile HSEB/ HVPN– 33 Years;
Consultant, REALIDEA – 1.5 yrs;
8Ms. Harleen Kaur27Chartered
Regulatory– Cons. HERC– 2 years;
Chartered Accountancy – 8 years;
9Mr. Gaurav Rampal 28PGDM Marketing
B.Tech Computer
Software Dev, Accenture– 2.5 Yrs;

Sh. Vijoy Kumar, Former Chairperson, UPSERC and Sh. K. P. Gupta, Former Member, GERC have agreed to be available for guiding the Team;

Sh. S. M. Dhiman, Former Member (Grid Operation) CEA with a vast experience in Hydro Power is available for Hydro Potential Studies;